Windows of Perception by Glenn Steiner

   The pathway to 'vision' differs greatly for each photographer. 
   Some are gifted from birth, imbued with 'the gift,' physiologically, as every person's eyes record and perceive the world a little differently. 
 Others go through a long period of training experientially within artistic schools of thought. 
   Far fewer photographers follow the lonely road of which Ansel Adams once spoke, that of shooting a thousand rolls or ten thousand sheets of film.
   Whatever the road taken, artistic perception is the key.  When the proverbial light bulb flashes internally in a paroxysm of insight, the trigger finger pushed, the moment captured, this may be only the beginning.
   Art by process requires the adherence to working with a photographer's vision in post using processes of his or her choice, be it electronically leveraged like Photoshop of the new digital revolution or the arcane processes of photography's photochemical past:  tin-type, bromoil, gum bichromate, carbo printing, platinum/palladium or silver.
   The photographic artist's lasting final brush stroke defines his/her vision, lifting their image into transcendence and illumination, a window of perception for all to see the world through the photographer's eyes.

-GRS (5/14/14)